Winning Bidding Strategies – From The Tax Lien Lady

Recently I went to a tax sale in New Jersey. It was a very small tax sale in a small rural borough. There were only 7 properties in the tax sale and I was able to get 2 liens at 10 and 12 percent. That’s not bad at all in today’s competitive tax sale environment in New Jersey. Usually at a tax sale like this I come away empty handed because I’m not willing to pay premium for small tax liens.

Most of the liens in this sale (all but one) were under $600. In some states, local governments sell utility liens at the tax sale right along with the taxes. Anything that is paid to the local municipality can be sold as a tax lien at these tax sales. Most of these liens were for either water or sewer delinquencies. Only one lien included taxes along with delinquent sewer amounts and was just over $1700. All of the others were for either water or sewer amounts or both.

The trend in the last couple of years in New Jersey has been to bid premium on these small utility liens. Investors are willing to pay premium on these liens in order to pay the subsequent taxes. But on small utility liens, you usually do not get to pay the subsequent tax payments, but only the subsequent sewer or water amounts which are much smaller than the tax amounts. Keep in mind that in New Jersey, the interest on the lien is first bid down to 0% before premium is bid. Although you do get your premium back if the lien is redeemed in 5 years, you do not get interest on the premium amount bid or on the lien amount. You do get a small penalty on the lien amount and the statutory interest rate (18% once the tax payer is $1500 delinquent and 8% on anything before that).

What some tax lien funds have been willing to pay to get these small utility liens has gotten a little out of hand. In the last year I have seen them pay up to $1500 premium to get a small $200 or $300 lien. What that really amounts to is that they are making such a small blended return on their investment that it’s really not worth it at all; especially for the individual investor.

So how was I able to buy 2 small liens at decent interest rates at the last tax sale I attended? First I went to a small sale that had only 15 liens on the original tax sale list and there were only 7 properties left on the list on the day of the sale. Secondly, there were no really big liens in this sale; the largest one was under $2000. Large liens bring out all the competition.

Third, you’ve got to know when to stop bidding. I actually was a little lucky at this sale as there was only one other bidder representing a tax lien investing fund company. I bid on every lien except one, but I didn’t bid him down too far. If you don’t get greedy and insist on bidding every lien to your bottom line, then the other bidders might not bid every single lien down to their bottom line.

The forth thing is that I was happy to get the crumbs from this sale. What I mean is that the 2 properties that I got liens on were the worst properties in the sale. One was bank owned and falling apart. It hadn’t been taken care of in years. You can see a picture of it on the cover of this issue. You can’t see it from the picture, but it also had junk piled up in the driveway and backyard and a dilapidated, falling down shed in the back. The other house was vacant and about to be foreclosed by the bank. It was also a very small house with no garage, in need of some TLC and a lot of updating.

If I had decided not to bid on these properties because of their condition, I would have missed out on a couple of good liens, and the only liens that I would have been able to get. You have to be willing to take what the big boys don’t want or are willing to let go. These properties might be vacant and in terrible shape but they are still good liens. The bank is going to redeem them at some point, but probably not until they sell them which could take a long, long time. That will give me time to pay subsequent utility payments (remember these were small utility liens, add to my investment and make more interest!

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Kepuasan Bermain Judi Togel Online

Halo kawan – kawan selamat datang di website yang akan memandu anda agar dapat memilih Agen Togel terpercaya untuk kepuasan bermain togel, Tentu anda sudah mengenal yang namanya perjudian yaitu sebuah ajang permainan taruhan yang tentunya telah diadakan dari sejak dulu bahkan tidak hanya di indonesia saja tetapi juga diberbagai negara lainnya seperti wilayah asia maupun juga dari eropa.Saat ini pun perjudian sudah dapat dimainkan pada layanan online sehingga bisa memberikan kemudahan untuk para pemainnya. Maka tentunya para penjudi saat ini bisa lebih mudah untuk memilih segala permainan yang ingin dimainkan seperti salah satunya adalah permainan qq toto togel.

Maka dengan cara online ini akan lebih mudah maupun tepat sehingga tidak akan mempersulit anda. Permainan togel ini pun telah ada sejak dahulu di indonesia dan bahkan hingga saat ini pun masih sering dimainkan baik itu secara live dengan bertemu bandar atau di tempat tertentu, dan juga banyak sekali yang sudah melakukannya dan bermain melalui online. Maka saat ini permainan Togle Online akan lebih terasa dengan mudah secara online agar berikan anda juga keuntungan yang sangat banyak. Anda pun bisa langsung memilih  Bandar Togel yang terpercaya yang sudah berlisensi sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan layanan yang sangat memuaskan di dalamnya dan takkan terkena ataupun terlibat penipuan apapun.

Sebuah permainan Togel Online ini memang tidaklah mudah maupun tidak sulit untuk anda mainkan. Sehingga anda bisa langsung memasang angka yang paling tepat maka anda hanya perlu memahami cara bermain, aturan main, dan juga segala istilah yang ada di dalam fitur perjudian yang akan anda hadapi nanti. Perlu anda tahu juga bahwa permainan togel ini adalah jenis permainan yang sangat berhubungan dengan nomor atau angka yang perlu ditentukan para pemain dengan pertimbangan khusus dan kemudian bisa dikirim kepada Agen Togel. Tentunya sangat berbeda judi togel yang anda lakukan secara online dan secara langsung. Bermain dengan layanan online tentu lebih unggul dan bisa memberikan banyak sekali keuntungan. Dan pilihlah Bandar Togel Online terpercaya dengan cara online maka anda bisa mainkan menggunakan gadget seperti smartphone dan lainnya dan bisa gunakan koneksi melalui internet sehingga anda tak perlu lagi mendatangi Agen Togel Online secara langsung tapi anda bisa bermain dimanapun anda mau karena anda akan selalu membawa handphone anda kemanapun. Dibandingkan judi togel secara langsung atau di dunia nyata maka kadang kala harus menitipkan pasangan nomor kepada teman anda.

Dalam permainan Togel bukan hanya ditentukan dari faktor keamanan serta kenyamanan anda saja akan tetapi dari sisi anda mendapatkan sebuah keuntungan dan juga kenikmatan dalam memenangkan hadiah yang sangatlah besar tersebut, yang sudah pasti akan selalu ditawarkan oleh setiap agen togel. Serta agar bisa mendapatkan sebuah nilai bertaruh yang sangat besar, anda juga harus memasangkan nominal yang juga jumlahnya besar. Dan juga kategori permainan yang anda mainkan merupakan penentu dalam mendapatkan hadiah yang anda dapatkan serta menjadi suatu kemudahan dalam kemenangan yang anda raih nantinya. Karena memang permainan Togel ini sudah ada tingkatan permainannya masing-masing yang mulai dari paling mudah sampai yang memang benar-benar sulit. Dengan pilihan kategori permainan togel online sangat membantu dalam meraih sebuah keuntungan besar yang akan didapatkan oleh para bettor khususnya untuk anda yang masih pemula.


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Start a Home Based Business Online – How Simple Can it Be?

Do you find yourself daydreaming of being your own boss and being financially independent? Most people do, but very few of us take the plunge because we don’t have a clue about what we would do if we weren’t employed. Well, one thing you can do is to start your own internet business today.

Many people have set up their own internet businesses and gone on to make amazing profits online. But this does not mean that it’s too late for you to get in on the action. With increasing global internet connectivity, there are many more customers entering the market every day. Moreover, there are just as many new tools, innovative technologies and internet marketing techniques that you can use to make your online business easier and less costly to run, while reaping handsome profits in the process.

Setting up an internet business is not rocket science. To start a home based business online is quite simple really, as all you need to know are the basics involved in creating your own website, marketing your products and services, as well as setting up convenient methods for receiving payment from your clients. There’s a lot of information available online on how to start your own internet business – you just need to know where to find it.

In terms of capital, you will not have to break the bank in order to set up your own internet business. And as for overheads – you practically have none. No office rent! No salaries to pay! No office furniture to purchase! The beauty of an online business is that you can set it up and operate it right in the comfort of your own home. As such, you get to earn a profit while greatly reducing the risks that go with every new business venture.

Can you imagine having a whole world of clients? Well, with an internet business, you can have exactly that. An internet business gives you access to the global market and enables you to access customers from all over the world. Once you have your business set up, it isn’t difficult to market your products online. There is plenty of information online on how to generate traffic to your site, which will get customers buying your products and services in no time. With the internet fast turning into the global market place, it would be a shame for any business owner – even you – to miss out on tapping into the online shopping community.

If you wanted to be your own boss then start a home based business online. Take action today.

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Start a Home Based Business Online – What Are the Keys to Success?

When you start a home based business online there are 3 keys to success. You need to know that you are involved with the best people and the best opportunity that is right for you. You need to brand yourself and tell people your story and what your all about. You need to develop a millionaire mindset and become mentally bulletproof.

When you are looking for opportunities to start a home based business online you want to make sure you have the best information, and that you are involved with the best people. There is a lot of junk on the internet, and that can lead to overwhelm and frustration. The smartest way to find a quality online business opportunity, is to do good research. When you have found something, I suggest searching for the company name on Google and searching for blogs of the people who are involved in that company. Get to know their story and what they’re all about.

Once you are happy with what you have chosen it is time to start your business. The key to success when you start a home based business online is “Personal Branding”. With all the junk on the net people need to feel that it’s a real business and they need to feel excited about joining that business. Just like you did, they will do their research on you and your business. When they find you and what you are offering, you need to tell them about “You”. E.g. Where you came from, What your goals are, and what your all about. Tell them your story, let them get to know who you are.

Without a doubt the biggest challenge newbies face when they start a home based business online is their mindset. The majority of people who search for business opportunities online have a lottery mentality, they want to make BIG money with little to no effort. Other people have excuse-itis, they constantly make excuses why they cant succeed. Make no mistake, an online business, is a real business and requires hard work to succeed. If you want to have a highly successful online business, and make big money, you need to develop a “Millionaire Mindset”. The way to do this is to constantly feed your mind with personal development materials. You need to only allow positive energy in your world and you need to weed out all the negative energy in your world.

3 simple things to start a home based business online:

1. You need the best information and opportunity
2. You need to get your name out there and show yourself to the world. And…
3. You need to develop an unstoppable mindset, a mindset that empowers you and pushes you towards your goal.

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Business Online – International Business in the Online World

Universal Appeal

When entrepreneurs look seriously at doing business online they view international business as the greatest goal in the online world. The personal freedom offered by the online business world isn’t foreign to anyone, anywhere.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t go into business simply for the financial gain but in order to positively impact society. The international community is continually growing smaller because the lifestyle that used to be exclusive to a few developed countries is now available everywhere.

One by One

Learning to treat your current customer as your only customer is a service mindset that can be equally applied to partners, associates, prospects and leads.

Forming a relationship with someone far away used to be difficult before the internet introduced the online business world. Today you can reach one person at a time and effectively liberate them from whatever situation they’re in with imagination and some online tools.

Putting Others First

The internet is affecting the lifestyles of thousands of people all over the world by allowing them to do business like never before. However, the quickest way to advance your business lies in your ability to provide valuable service to others.

This truth has been proven over and over by many different companies and professionals. Valuable products and services always rise to recognition.

The Final Equation

Offer someone an opportunity to improve their current condition or situation and you’ll get noticed. Deliver on that promise and you become famous to that one individual.

Fame in the online world directly affects business online especially when you belong to the international business community.

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Start a Business Online – Learn What It Takes

Setting up a business online is becoming popular, for obvious reasons, but what does it take to be successful? There are a number of ways to approach the task, Firstly, all of us get spam, ie, unwanted emails offering a variety of ways to be a millionaire over night, and these mailings actually produce results, otherwise they would not persist in sending them. Please note, I emphasize that the email works by getting people to sign up for the dream of being successful virtually over night, the programs or ideas they purvey do not. Having got the dreamers theory out of the way, let’s get down to looking at realistic ways of earning money online.

You may already be offering a service in your local area and would like to expand your business online. Creating a website promoting your business/services is vital in today’s market, and a number of companies can be found online where this is easily achieved. You will need to register a name for your site, and get it hosted ie, put online for the web search spiders to find your site.

What do we do if we do not have an existing business and want to earn money online? well a number of choices are available to us, but without doubt affiliate marketing is one of the most straight forward methods of starting your own business online. Put simply, as an affiliate, you promote another companies products via your own website or blog, when the people who visit your site go on to purchase products from the site you are affiliated to, you receive a commission. The processing of the sale and delivery of the goods is all done by the parent company.

What I have said so far sounds very simple and easy, and the basic concept as explained above is simple, however, there is much more to this than setting up a web site or blog, and expecting people to click on to your site and purchase the products you are promoting, if it was that simple, we would all be wealthy. So what are the secrets of success in affiliate marketing?. First thing to realise is, there are more sites on the web now than there are people on the planet! Therefor the ultimate task is to get your site up and noticed in front of the others. Learning the marketing methods to a successful website is therefore critical to online success, and there are a number of reputable resources online. As with everything in life to do a job properly you need to learn how to do the job well.

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4 Website Structure Elements That Impact SEO

Most marketers believe that keywords are solely responsible for a website’s ranking. Their core focus revolves around fixing keyword arrangements to keep them relevant across the webpages. However, apart from keywords, some website elements are also very important to a website’s ranking. They can obviously impact site’s SEO prospects. Website structure is one of them. A website’s structure deter-mines the way website is organized internally. The structure doesn’t necessarily mean the physical appearance of a website, but also the way in which website’s pages are interlinked.

An organized website structure is very important for search engine optimization. Without fixing the gaps pertaining to the structure, you can’t achieve maximum benefits out of your SEO efforts.

I am listing here 4 important considerations that you look into in order to strengthen your SEO.

1. Website’s Crawlability:

Crawlability of a website is important in terms of its appearance in search results. The term refers a search engine’s ability to crawl through a website in order to establish what the website content is all about. If crawling of your website halts for any reason, it can cause problems for SEO. Throughout the crawling, robots navigate through subpages and individual topics to figure out every element of the website a whole. A website is said to be Crawlable if site’s pages are interconnected well and pose no difficulty for users in navigating one place to the other.

So, how it helps in SEO? It’s simple. If crawling of your website is halted or paused, there are chances that some of your well-optimized web pages could miss the indexing. The point I want to raise it that unless your website is properly crawled and indexed, your SEO efforts won’t get noticed.

2. Internal Linking:

Internal linking is another crucial factor that impacts SEO. The term refers to the entire navigation scheme that a website adopts to enhance a website’s accessibility and user experience. The basic idea behind the navigation is that a random user should be able to find one page to another without any hassle. If a website contains over many hundred pages, it’s a challenge to ensure accessibility of any page with only a few clicks.

Usability experts opine that if it takes more than three clicks to find any individual page, then you need to rethink your navigation scheme. Managing your navigation and internal linking is easy. Categorize and organize navigation link according to the segments they relate to.

To link pages and posts internally, use keywords within the content and then link these keywords to other relevant pages or piece of content on your website. There are numerous benefits that internal linking serves. Internal linking easily decreases the page depth and allows users an easier way to find other pages. It can result in a better user experience.

3. User Experience:

Make note of it that poor user experience can negatively affect your SEO efforts. While browsing your website if a user can’t figure out how to get the desired information, he will exit to find it somewhere else. Google measures user interaction with a website using different metrics, including click-through rate, time spent on site, and bounce rate etc.

To ensure a better user experience, you need to align click-through with expectations and ensure quick as well as easy access of desired information.

4. Duplicate Website Pages:

Duplicate content kills your website’s SEO prospects. Google interprets duplicate content as a clear case of deep spam. You should keep your focus on delivering quality content to your readers. It does matter a lot. Not only good quality content enhances user experience, but also improves website’s presence in search engine result pages for high competition keywords.

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Nagamenslot :  Link Slot Online Gacor Terbesar Se Indonesia

Nagamenslot Link Gacor Terbesar Se Indonesia yang mempunyai lisensi sudah berkelas dunia, tidak di regukan lagi bosku. Sulitkah mencari situs slot online Gacor yang bisa menang dengan sangat mudah saat ini? Gacor 2022-2023 slot kemenangan mudah membuat ini mudah. Slot interlocking terbaru yang memberi Anda bonus jackpot terbesar kapan saja, di mana saja.

Semua pemain slot online gacor terpercaya langsung dapat dijangkau. Jika tidak, Anda dapat menemukan slot Gacor terbaru yang dirilis resmi 2022-2023 di situs web resmi kami. Anda tidak perlu khawatir untuk menemukan situs slot Gacor lainnya. Karena kami telah menyiapkan slot jackpot terbaik untuk Anda hari ini. Selain promosi dan bocoran Gacor Slots yang kami perbarui setiap hari, itu sudah pasti.

Link Slot Online Gacor Terbesar Se Indonesia sangat populer di masyarakat

Anggota terdaftar dapat mencari opsi Gacor Slots untuk mendapatkan campuran. Mesin slot adalah salah satu jenis permainan judi yang menggunakan mesin dengan banyak simbol yang berputar saat tombol ditekan. Mesin slot juga disebut “pencuri bertangan satu” karena dioperasikan dengan tuas di samping mesin. Tekan tombol untuk memutar beberapa gambar secara acak, Sampai berhenti dan pemain menang atau kalah.

Awalnya, mesin slot hanya ditemukan di kasino dan beberapa tempat perjudian lainnya. Tetapi ketika mesin slot semakin populer, jenis permainan baru muncul. Diantaranya adalah mesin slot buah yang dikenal dengan nama “Ding Dong”. Dahulu kala, permainan ini sangat populer di seluruh Indonesia dan menjadi permainan judi yang sangat populer di kalangan masyarakat.

mendapatkan popularitas di kalangan petaruh Karena kemudahanya menang

Namun, ketika perusahaan perjudian mesin slot berkembang biak, kekuatan yang kuat membuat mereka gulung tikar. Seiring berjalannya waktu, permainan menjadi tidak terlihat dan tidak disukai. Namun, dengan munculnya judi online yang menawarkan taruhan olahraga dan kasino di Indonesia. Penyedia slot memanfaatkan kesempatan ini untuk memposisikan mesin slot sebagai slot online.

Karena itu, game ini kembali populer dan mendapatkan popularitas di kalangan petaruh, Akibatnya, beberapa orang bermain slot lagi. Tentu saja, sebelum Anda mulai bermain slot online, Anda harus tahu slot Gacor mana yang terbaik untuk Anda. Memenangkan slot jackpot sensasional itu mudah karena pemenangnya terkenal di seluruh dunia.

Link Slot Online Gacor Terbesar Se Indonesia dengan kecanggihan teknologi terbaik

Tentu saja, Anda dapat dengan mudah menang dari penyedia slot gacor mana pun saat ini. Masing-masing memiliki kelebihan dan dikategorikan menurut statusnya saat ini. Era kecanggihan teknologi telah melahirkan banyak situs judi internet abal-abal yang mewabahi masyarakat Indonesia.

Terlihat seperti jagoan judi, namun sebenarnya situs slot online gacor itu berada dimana? Ini tidak lebih dari penipuan perjudian yang menargetkan anggota yang berpartisipasi. Sekarang saya adalah penggemar judi slot online. Penting untuk memahami situs slot bandar asli yang hanya menawarkan tingkat permainan terbaik dan terpercaya di slot online gacor.

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Building Your Network To Thousands!

Do you want thousands of highly qualified people in your network? Of course you do!

Do you have something to offer people that they really, truly want? That’s the ticket right there.

Keep in mind it’s about giving people what they want, not what you think they need. You can give them what they need at a later time.

To build your network there are many direct methods.

Article writing & submitting
Social media
Getting involved in discussions
The trick is you can’t always rely on just those methods. In the best of worlds you also need to up level your referral rate and increase your word of mouth rate.

So, how do you do that? You must make sure your message is crystal clear. It must be compelling and exciting so that it’s something that people really want. Remember, this message can’t be about what they need, it must be about what they want.

That is how most of you, especially women, make decisions. We buy things on emotion, which isn’t necessarily logical.

Another important point is you really must be totally in love with your topic and people you really want to work with. As tempting as it may be please don’t pick a topic or a niche because it seems popular now or that others are doing and they are making great money. That won’t work for you.

Yes, the money is important but you also have to love what you do. There are too many people making great money but they are very unhappy in the work that they do.

One idea is to start out with a lower entry fee for people. Even coaches making 6 and 7 figures do this, so that people can have a ‘sample’ or ‘taste’ of them for anywhere from $4.95 a month to $27.00 a month. When people look at their credit card bill each month they are probably not going to say “Wow that is too much I am paying each month”.

Once you get them in your network you can offer them more. It could be a teleclass, 1 – 1 coaching, group coaching or other memberships. Eventually, a certain percentage of people will buy from you.

People will join your network because they are interested in your topic and because they like you. Be likeable! Then it’s your job to provide them with information that they want.

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How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest is a network that now has millions of users across the world. It therefore makes a very good platform for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. There is no greater value you can get from a website than valuable traffic and when you get your strategies right, the chances are endless using Pinterest. Here are some of the ways you can use to easily drive traffic to your website using the network.

1. Add the website to the Pinterest profile

This is something you cannot forget to do as soon as you start an account with this network. By editing your profile, you will manage to add the website, thus increasing the chances of people coming across it. By validating the account, the website will get a check mark showing it belongs to you and this is very important in protecting your brand and gives assurance to the readers that you are genuine.

2. Mention the website in ALT tags

This is a simple way of maximizing on website traffic considering that Pinterest remains to be amongst the largest online publishers ‘social referrer. The ALT tags of photos will do the magic for you since it makes it possible to have the website mentioned with every pin from your website as long as there is an official ‘Pin It’ button.

3. Include your web address in the pins

If you have created pins, adding your website address exposes you to the thousands and millions of users on the network. This is because it becomes possible for the address to be viewed from the pins hence raising curiosity and giving your brand enhanced credibility. If possible, it is most advisable that you also make the address visible even on mobile versions of the network when a click is done on the pin. Adding the website on pins comes with an added advantage of protecting your visuals and brands.

4. Upload and link photos back to the website

The fact that you can create photos related to your relevant industry and relay them back to your business website on the network gives you a major advantage. This makes it possible for you to use different pictures from what you already have on the website. You will have the liberty of creating photos and even graphics you are sure will lure your target market to find their way to your website. You basically take advantage of the curiosity your images cause by simply editing the pin and changing the source.

5. Add website to Pinterest comments

It is another great way of driving more traffic to your site. It is however a risky affair that needs to be handled with care since overdoing can lead to you being spammed by the network. The addition should be done when you are offering extra value to the customers for what they are already reading or seeing. The secret here is to moderately use this kind of an addition to stay safe and still gain value at the end of the day.

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