How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest is a network that now has millions of users across the world. It therefore makes a very good platform for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. There is no greater value you can get from a website than valuable traffic and when you get your strategies right, the chances are endless using Pinterest. Here are some of the ways you can use to easily drive traffic to your website using the network.

1. Add the website to the Pinterest profile

This is something you cannot forget to do as soon as you start an account with this network. By editing your profile, you will manage to add the website, thus increasing the chances of people coming across it. By validating the account, the website will get a check mark showing it belongs to you and this is very important in protecting your brand and gives assurance to the readers that you are genuine.

2. Mention the website in ALT tags

This is a simple way of maximizing on website traffic considering that Pinterest remains to be amongst the largest online publishers ‘social referrer. The ALT tags of photos will do the magic for you since it makes it possible to have the website mentioned with every pin from your website as long as there is an official ‘Pin It’ button.

3. Include your web address in the pins

If you have created pins, adding your website address exposes you to the thousands and millions of users on the network. This is because it becomes possible for the address to be viewed from the pins hence raising curiosity and giving your brand enhanced credibility. If possible, it is most advisable that you also make the address visible even on mobile versions of the network when a click is done on the pin. Adding the website on pins comes with an added advantage of protecting your visuals and brands.

4. Upload and link photos back to the website

The fact that you can create photos related to your relevant industry and relay them back to your business website on the network gives you a major advantage. This makes it possible for you to use different pictures from what you already have on the website. You will have the liberty of creating photos and even graphics you are sure will lure your target market to find their way to your website. You basically take advantage of the curiosity your images cause by simply editing the pin and changing the source.

5. Add website to Pinterest comments

It is another great way of driving more traffic to your site. It is however a risky affair that needs to be handled with care since overdoing can lead to you being spammed by the network. The addition should be done when you are offering extra value to the customers for what they are already reading or seeing. The secret here is to moderately use this kind of an addition to stay safe and still gain value at the end of the day.

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