Building Your Network To Thousands!

Do you want thousands of highly qualified people in your network? Of course you do!

Do you have something to offer people that they really, truly want? That’s the ticket right there.

Keep in mind it’s about giving people what they want, not what you think they need. You can give them what they need at a later time.

To build your network there are many direct methods.

Article writing & submitting
Social media
Getting involved in discussions
The trick is you can’t always rely on just those methods. In the best of worlds you also need to up level your referral rate and increase your word of mouth rate.

So, how do you do that? You must make sure your message is crystal clear. It must be compelling and exciting so that it’s something that people really want. Remember, this message can’t be about what they need, it must be about what they want.

That is how most of you, especially women, make decisions. We buy things on emotion, which isn’t necessarily logical.

Another important point is you really must be totally in love with your topic and people you really want to work with. As tempting as it may be please don’t pick a topic or a niche because it seems popular now or that others are doing and they are making great money. That won’t work for you.

Yes, the money is important but you also have to love what you do. There are too many people making great money but they are very unhappy in the work that they do.

One idea is to start out with a lower entry fee for people. Even coaches making 6 and 7 figures do this, so that people can have a ‘sample’ or ‘taste’ of them for anywhere from $4.95 a month to $27.00 a month. When people look at their credit card bill each month they are probably not going to say “Wow that is too much I am paying each month”.

Once you get them in your network you can offer them more. It could be a teleclass, 1 – 1 coaching, group coaching or other memberships. Eventually, a certain percentage of people will buy from you.

People will join your network because they are interested in your topic and because they like you. Be likeable! Then it’s your job to provide them with information that they want.

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